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Top tech innovations of 2020!

Technology is fast phasing on a roller coaster ride, we’ve been looking forward to accessible lifestyle logs and devices with the most advanced technologies. Today, the world spectators millions of new inventions every day. United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) records that 3.3 million patents were granted in 2018 and pragmatically, the number of inventors either expecting a patent or having eliminated the process altogether is assumed to be enormously larger.

The trends are booming each day to create all-new digital products, let’s drive a glimpse of interesting innovations of 2020. While our list chiefly comprises awesome inventions in the sphere of technology, we’ve made sure that the list is unshackled from any personal bias.


1. Starkey Livio AI - Advanced Hearing Aids

It’s a smart hearing aid with long-lasting battery standby & enhanced audio quality. It can connect easily via Bluetooth with any accessories and smartphones.

2. Flexwarm Smart Jacket

Flexwarm Smart Jacket with built-in heating factors placed at chest, wrist, and back parts, it’s intended to keep you hot even in a cold atmosphere. It comes with specialized sensors to let you customize the heat output at your convenience. Excitingly it comes in a variety of designs to suit diverse punches.

3. FLYTE Levitating Light Bulb

FLYTE is a unique levitating light bulb from Sweden. Its the ability to hover by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. Brilliant build quality, made of oak, ash, and walnut, it’s quite durable and long-lasting. Its efficiency, FLYTE uses highly effective LEDs that are rated at around 50,000 hours, which renders into 12 hours of usage a day for almost 11 years.

4. Sidewinding Circular Skates

It’s an appealing skating solution, will drive to easily with utmost effective automated balance. You can easily control your legs and turn comfortably, you’ve complete control to drive it on your feet by slightly leaning side to side dependably. Most importantly, you can effortlessly traverse on the grass and dirty surfaces as it’s 10” in diameter.

5. Water Walker & Spa

Everyone is going to love this aqua treadmill. Water Walker & Spa has an advancing and modern bathtub elite look. It rolls out with a moving surface at the bottom for walking or even running to stay fit. There are speed fine-tuning regulators and admirably it’s an instant spa bath that can relax you post-workout.

6. HTC Vive Pro Eye VR

It’s a top-notch virtual reality device, specially made for people with limited physical abilities. Enables advanced eye-tracking technology to replace the functionality of hand controllers for differently able people. A major feature is a navigation and the device controller comfortably. An enhanced visual resolution you’re looking at. Not only differently-abled people but also a user-friendly deal for almost everyone on comfort.


These tech logs can never conclude at a place. We brought the best top crisp to you for better knowledge about your interesting technical choices. CRT IT PARK enlights innovative products on your healthcare and fitness. Stay tuned with us for exciting tech hacks, our products & services are an uphill contribution towards global technology advancement.