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Master revolutionary search engine: duckduckgo to quack!

DuckDuckGo is an exceptional search engine with the most advanced privacy policies and freedom built surf access. It’s a fast transforming search engine competing with Google in a short phase of time, an extraordinary user base traffic has been recorded on Jan 2021. DuckDuckGo was established in 2008 and marked as the brainchild of Mr.Gabriel Weinberg. They prompt, “Take Back Your Privacy”.

Let’s quack straight, why people switch from Google to DuckDuckGo!


Whatever you search on Google has a data storage of your recent searches and which helps the business of Google to sell or trade you to all other brands. To make it clearer and crisp, you’re being sold unknowingly with references to your search interests. For example, you search for the film “Me Before You”, there you’re prioritized to pop for the products of Google on top before the other web pages are showcased. You’ll get to know their YouTube purchase price for the film to watch it online and then it’ll promote you to watch the trailer on YouTube.

Later Google algorithm tempts you with their ratings listed on their engines with an automated higher-rated percentage of people who liked this film. So obviously most of us are sold and they benefited drastically. But on the same search resulted in DuckDuckGo, it top Wikipedia publishes besides all other relevant and most helpful information about the particular film rather than promoting products or services to influence human minds. Google does suggest you with, people also searches for but DuckDuckGo doesn’t advertise or guide you with others search pathways. We should be self-driven, not by digital search engines alike Google!


In this scenario, you search for “best cake shops near me” so what’s listed on Google are the most relevant places nearby your current pinpoint to make your task easier but not the quality-driven results. Most importantly, this means again you’re being sold to a nearby vendor with reference to your current location based on the IP Address tracking solution. In simplified words, you don’t pick someone of your choice or the best-rated one’s in the city as you’re going for the nearby one which is being showcased as top-rated to you.

But when DuckDuckGo comes in this lane, it’ll result in what’s the exact keyword of your search means to it. It doesn’t have access to your IP Address or User Information to keep track of your locations and actions. The listed places are completely being showcased randomly or relevant to the SEO algorithm concerning the best user experience. In most cases, the results are even better than Google. Choices are yours, but make sure they’re solely and truly without search engine influences.

Google vs DuckDuckGo isn’t a bigger deal to understand. It’s a simple concept that no one should be prey to marketers using our data. Data includes your search histories, location, user information, profile information, IP address, etc. We’re not marketing or promoting DuckDuckGo, it’s absolutely your choice. We bring things upfront as technology geeks to make you people aware of the strategies behind business being online. Never be too late, go with the flow of the river and transforming trends.